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Fancy Lookin Potatos
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The Center of My Universe

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser :iconharuspexx::icondunklebatter: Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser

I Love You Emote by Leo-Ascendent

Pixel: Yellow Star by apparate You are the best thing to ever happen to me
And I couldn't be happier that you're mine
My warrior from beyond the stars
My cosmic king
My wonderful babe
Nothing in existence compares to you
And my love for you is endless <3
Pixel: Yellow Star by apparate

Daisypath Anniversary tickers


by TheVoidedPit

by Kelsa20



Sea of Love by Haruspexx

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

Random Crap Goes Here


The Most Ridiculous Fan Char Ever - Rainbow Guy by Haruspexx
Seville the Night Guard [a.k.a. "Rainbow Guy"]

I don't know why, but I just quite like this fabulous gent right here. I enjoy drawing him, and he's rather interesting to write about... when I get around to doing so, that is.
So he's going to be my mascot, 'cause why the fuck not? lol
He actually makes a halfway decent representation of all of the crazy stuff I come up with to draw/write about, so it works.

And he's shipped with DunkleBatter's character GS~

Rainbow by Zifreeper:iconsaysplz:FML.
Current icon by Zifreeper

:iconexcitednessplz: Are You Being Served? by Revolution-In-Me Dissidia Kefka Avatar by Chidoridude55:iconexcitedgigyasplz:

Buy Me a Coffee at

To Do:
-- Couple art
-- MYO Starsweet [seriously, it's been six damn months, do it already]
-- MYO Cinnabunny
-- Flufferbun pair
-- Commission for HoneyDipply

By Ghostiiles

By AlphaaCrest

Strawberry Milk and Bubble Tea <3


Fully Shaded Single Character
One character limit. Transparent background. Humanoid and anthro characters will be done as busts.
Saturday Retro Gamer Doll by Haruspexx
Two or More Characters
Fully shaded, solid color or simple patterned background. Up to three characters max. Feral/anthro/humanoid accepted.

Sabbatic Goat by HaruspexxWhat the F---?! by HaruspexxSweet Dreams by Haruspexx
Freehand Painting
Single feral or anthro character. Bust or headshot only.

Mankind's Self-Torturing Pains by Haruspexx

Mature Content

Why, Let the Stricken Deer Go Weep by Haruspexx

Ocean Box, just 'cause

🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳
Hai by Sindrandi
🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳 🐬 🐳


Haruspexx's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
ID by AmiWarai
Temporary random stuff on my page until I renew my premium xD

C0MM-Halloween Cuties- by pastelintestines
Beautiful Halloween art of us by pastelintestines

Tiny Bot Wife .:PixelDoll:. by DunkleBatter

Wedding Couple Microkits by Hyraea I am married to DunkleBatter, who is the love of my life <3 Wedding Couple Microkits by Hyraea

F2u divider thingy by viruspetals
Space goth divider by phantombl00d

F2u Rose Divider by viruspetals

Pixel: Rainbow Heart by apparate :iconharuspexx::icondunklebatter: Pixel: Rainbow Heart by apparate

F2u Rose Divider by viruspetals

Pastel space divider by phantombl00d
Sweets Galore by viruspetals

Also, don't mess with us
We'll mess you up

Cotton candy and blueberry milkshake by viruspetals

CCandy Garnet .:F2U:. by DunkleBatter
by DunkleBatter

C0MM-Pagedoll:Robo Babs- by pastelintestines

The Nerds


You light me up inside
Like the 4th of July
Whenever you're around
I always seem to smile
And people ask me how
Well you're the reason why
I'm dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower
-- Becky G, Shower

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser :iconharuspexx::icondunklebatter: Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser 8/26/15 Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser

Pixel: Yellow Star by apparate Extreme NerdDorks Pixel: Yellow Star by apparate
[also known as NerdDorks and Extreme RainGay Shark AquaNerdSquadNado]

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser I love you, babe~ Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser

[YCH] Haruspexx by Starspangledbastard
Current icon by Starspangledbastard

Kiss Kiss fall in love by faIkreath
Alternate icons by faIkreath


:thumb584319676: Sweet Dreams by Haruspexx:thumb584473644:
Our Love Will Light the Way by Haruspexx


Cuties :COMMISSION: by CharsWorld

Haru | Pangender | Teasexual
I've only ever been and will only ever be attracted to Tea~<3

Any pronouns are acceptable [female is default] :3

Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] by Jerikuto

Me in a Nutshell

:bulletred: I'm a strange, strange person. If you're also on the odd side, we'll get along just fine :3
:bulletred: I'm a motherly person, and I trained to be a nurse. Don't mind me if I mother you; it just means that I care about you... which applies to most people lol :heart:
:bulletred: I enjoy writing Lovecraftian Horror, drawing inspiration from unconventional places.
:bulletred: I sometimes use British slang without realizing it. I watch too much British programming lol.
:bulletred: I am studying shamanism. It is my goal to become a fully-fledged shaman.
:bulletred: The fox, jaguar, bird, turtle, bat, fish and goat are all spiritually significant to me. I regard them as my totem animals.
:bulletred: I am the king / queen of my domain ♔

Hello, I am Vee, otherwise known as Haruspexx or Shaman.

I have actually been a member of dA since 2002 – this is my most recent account, specifically for my writing and writing-related creations… And, to a lesser extent, anything I create with a horror theme in mind.

I primarily write Lovecraftian Horror, but I dabble in other genres as well, such as mysteries and comedy. I got heavily into writing towards the end of high school, as most of my teachers since 7th grade enthusiastically encouraged me to pursue writing as a career [much to the chagrin of my art teachers, who were telling me art was the way to go xD], and I started honing my skills by occasionally doing Resident Evil fan fiction. If you browsed around’s RE game category, you may have come across one of my stories on there – back when I was still actively writing RE fics, I was quite well-known on there; a couple of my stories got a ridiculous amount of reviews lol. It even got to the point where people were quoting me on their profiles, which was rather funny xDDD.

Nowadays, I am actively working on writing a Lovecraftian Horror book, as well as planning to return to a couple of older projects [including a three-book novella series I started back in 12th grade]. I like to jot down random things from time-to-time, which I’ll probably post on here, as well as doing writing prompts for practice.
I am also a casual game developer/modder.

I also lurk over at Frictional Games forums a lot, where I’m presently working on a few mods and whatnot. I’m also working on my own indie game, by the title of Lightbearer.

Pisces with a Leo Rising
Leo rising places a hard shell around the normal Pisces sensitivity, making Pisces/Leo able to stand and look you in the eye with their head held high, like a regal Leo.
Leo rising makes Pisces fearless, willing to do what needs to be done.
This Pisces won't run when things get tough nor will they sit there and do nothing, waiting for someone to fix everything.
-- from

My Favorite Quote:


Haruspexx has started a donation pool!
68 / 10,000
Trying to save up points.
Every little bit helps! :3

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